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Zilmet was founded in 1955 by Mr. Ugo Benettolo, called “Officine F.lli Benettolo”, with its core business being the manufacturing transformation of ferrous metals.  In 1965 the company had 160 employees and Mr. Benettolo decided to change the name of the company to “Zilmet dei f.lli Benettolo” and move the company to Padova, Italy.  With the move to Padova, the company shifted its focus and began manufacturing expansion tanks as well as plate heat exchangers.

The second generation of the Benettolo family, led by Paolo Benettolo, strengthened the sales network within Italy and expanded the company’s reach into Europe and Asia, and then later into North America.  The key growth factors of the company have been technological innovation which has led to increased production and quality efficiency.  In addition, with a customer-focused engineering department, Zilmet has been able to create many custom solutions for many of its customers.


Zilmet currently manufactures in excess of 8 million products a year, has a production area of 3.2 million square feet, and employs over 500 people.   Zilmet currently has branches in Italy, France, Germany, England, and the USA.

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