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Why use Jet Swets™?


No more waiting! That's it in a nutshell. Jet Swets™ make you immediately in control of any water line.

Jet Swets™ is the original, professional tool of choice for soldering with the water in the line. As we know, you cannot solder a pipe with water still in it, and it normally takes hours to adequately drain the system to do any repair.

The problem that most plumber's face with draining the system is one of a lack of speed and/or professionalism. Many times, in the case of maintenance personnel, the building's water cannot be shut down for more than a couple of minutes. In the case of plumbers, repeat customers are more likely to be retained by doing a job more quickly and efficiently, instead of charging additional hours to just watch the water drain.

Jet Swets™ are used (how to use a Jet Swet™) by going straight into any water line system and immediately plugging off the water to gain immediate control of the situation. No more waiting! You do the repair, including soldering, right over the Jet Swet™, then take it back out, through your newly repaired fitting. Jobs that used to take hours are now done in a matter of minutes.

Jet Swets™ have been and are the original, most professional, best-made plug tool for over 20 years now. There have been and are various knock–offs that come and go, but Jet Swets™ stands up against them all and is still the market leader for this kind of tool simply because, Jet Swets™ are made better. Jet Swets™ are made of better quality materials and are designed, and constantly refined by master plumbers to be far superior to any other product. Almost everyone that buys a Jet Swet™ knock–off ends up purchasing a Jet Swet™ in the end. They become our True Believers.

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